In the course of normal living, most people struggle with issues and concerns. People that seek therapy are of all ages, lifestyles, genders, professions and sexual identities. I find that relationships are the primary source of concern that prompt people to seek therapy. People sometimes think that therapy is only for “serious mental illness”, but overwhelmingly therapy is used to work through relationship concerns, intimacy problems, feelings of low self-esteem, depressive or anxious feelings, substance abuse, identity issues, sexuality, or major life events such as a death, a graduation, a loss, or a move. Usually people have tried everything else prior to coming in for therapy, and it can be a helpful experience to sort things through with a psychologist psychoanalyst such as myself.

Usually when you decide to find a therapist, you have tried everything else that you can think of to solve your problems. Making the decision to contact a therapist can be frightening, but it can be the first step towards feeling better.